What I'm Into - June 2014

Linking up with Leigh Kramer again for June :)

Writing a book: I’ve spend much of the past 2 months working on a book about my experience teaching English in China. Tentatively titled Failure and Faith, it’s about how God used my misplaces notions of success to do something beautiful. I’m excited about the 60 pages I’ve written so far!

The Stuff You Should Know podcast: This is my favorite podcast: 2 guys from Atlanta, Josh and Chuck, discuss recent events and research on a variety of topics. 

Recently I listened to podcasts on sugar, the space race, why Venice floods every year, the placebo effect, and amnesia. I didn’t know that Venice sits just above the water line and was built on stilts, sand, and the remnants of previous homes. I don’t know that placebos work in about 30% of patients and somewhat depend on the effect of previous pills that you’ve taken in a similar size and/or color, and that when you take one you can have a physical response in a different part of your brain than the drug would, and that they are more effective when the doctor clearly describes what the drug is supposed to do.

I’ll listen to one when I’m editing photos or picking up my room. Science is more interesting when discussed in non-technical terms, and Josh and Chuck are quite amusing.

Melting chocolate over stuff: I often find myself at home, at night after dinner when I no longer want to go out, and I just want a chocolate snack. Instead of stocking ice cream or candy bars, I’ve found that  I love chocolate chips melted over almost anything - peanuts, peanut butter, marshmallows, chips…it all works. To me it all tastes better than the commercial varieties. And I like dark chocolate far more than milk chocolate, which is typically used. 

I cook chocolate chips on 40% for several minutes, then I check it and stir, and give it more time if it’s not fully melted, being careful not to burn the center of the chocolate. I like it because it’s fresh and there’s no added sugar. Not that I”m saying that chocolate-covered potato chips are a healthy food, but they might taste better than the store variety, which doesn’t come in dark chocolate in my town.

Story Sessions. I would not be writing my book without the help of Story Sessions. This spring I took a writing class online called Story 101, led by Elora Nicole, who also has an online writing group called Story Sessions. These are the most encouraging, supportive, loving and helpful people I’ve ever met - and I get to meet some of them this week!