What I'm Into: August

Writing: This month I’m mainly into writing and editing a short book about my experience overseas as I’m preparing to self-publish a memoir about my feelings of failure as a missionary. It’s been a long hard journey and God is bringing healing through this writing process. I’m very encouraged by the people who have heard about my project so far, and I’m so grateful for support in writing this. 

Water parks: I know it’s painted concrete, but if you close your eyes at the wave pool and use your imagination, it almost works as a beach. I think that water of any sort is relaxing, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities to appreciate the Texas heat as being outside in the summer during the day is out of the question. 

Story Sessions: I’m really into them every month, but it keeps getting better and better. I could not keep writing without their support. I’m in a class now with another one starting soon. My DFW writing friends have been so welcoming and supportive. It’s a place to be encouraged, to have my work seen, questions answered, and be a part of so many beautiful projects. I have been honored to read so many words from these beautiful ladies. There would be no book without them.

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