An Ode to Goldfish

55 Goldfish

There are 55 Goldfish to a goldfish serving. 55! That’s 55 individual cheesy, crunchy moments of pleasure. You can suck the salt on the Goldfish, bite off the tail, bite it in half lengthwise, or just smash it all at once. 

The first time I realized there were 55 Goldfish to a serving was when I was a freshman in college. I had procrastinated on a paper and was preparing to stay up all night for my first time to finish it. Also to start it. A friend across the hall had the same issue with a different assignment, and she had a gallon-size box of Goldfish. In order to put my paper off even longer, I read the entire Goldfish box out loud. 

Now I have no idea what the actual nutrition facts in a serving are, but it doesn’t matter because 55 pieces is just endless. That’s more than a big handful. Really it’s too many to count.

Orange is my cowering space’s prominent color, and our featured orange snack is goldfish. The current box is slightly more toasted than normal - which is awesome. Makes me wonder what toasted goldfish would be like. We also have orange lights, orange table legs, orange walls, orange signs, and oranges.

Goldfish go with coffee, beer, tea, cocktails, all your basic beverages. They don’t leave your hands greasy. Eating goldfish kept me awake long enough to finish the paper, with the assurance that since the serving size was so giant, I could keep eating and eating. However, they did not keep me from sleeping through class the next morning, thus still failing to turn the paper in on time.

I don’t think the orange dye is good for you. In fact I feel better when I haven’t had several handfuls of goldfish. But that’s not stopping me. I may or may not have had my 55 pieces today - who can know? But I think there’s room for a few more.

Some Goldfish trivia:

Not every fish has a face imprint (see above).

They can only swim to the right (see below).


In 2012 142 billion Goldfish were made.

They are 2.5 calories each (but math is not allowed with snacks).

Julia Child was known for serving Goldfish as an appetizer. Julia Child!

Goldfish have come in other shapes such as “Christmas,” “Space Adventures,” “World Treasures,” and “Beach ball.”

There is Goldfish bread. So you can have a Goldfish sandwich with Goldfish.

 Goldfish bread

Goldfish bread