Interview with Elora Ramirez

I was honored and delighted to interview Elora Ramirez about her new book, Somewhere Between Water and Sky, and her writing process. I hope this inspired those of you who are also feeling that you have a book within you :)

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The hardest part of writing this book was this persistent belief that I wouldn’t finish it. Even though there were so many moments in which I was writing nonstop and developed a flow unlike any of my other writing projects, the fear was very real and very present. 

Any advice for people who want to be writers?

I know so many people answer this question by saying “write” — but there’s a reason for that. There’s so many people in the world who want to be writers but don’t know how. It’s devastating to think about all of these stories locked inside all of these minds (trust me, that’s a lot of voices to be banging around in your head) and all it takes is the consistency of sitting down and writing. Even if it’s horrible. Even if it makes your heart shake. Write. Don’t ever stop. Find people around you who believe in this dream and hold tight to their words.

How did you get inspiration for this book?

It was a number of things. I took a trip to San Diego a few years ago and went to Sunset Cliffs for the first time. I knew then Stephanie would find her way there. I also have had the amazing blessing of friendships that plumb a depth I’ve never experienced. Those relationships are what kept this book moving because every time I thought of Jessa and Stephanie, I thought of my own people who cheer me on and love me well and I kept writing.

What are some of the joys and challenges of sharing your work?

Joys: meeting (and hearing from) readers for sure. Also, just the high of creating another story. The way the characters come alive for me is nothing short of magical. I feel inspired when I’m writing a book — as if every single moment has the possibility of counting. This, I think, is a great way to live. Some of the challenges are those seasons where words are just hard to come by and so you begin to wonder if you’ve spent them all. And then you get questionable reviews. Or horrible emails. Or people believing they know about your character when really, they have no idea. Those are the challenges: persisting in the midst of resistance, regardless of the form.

Finally I want to thank you for your hard work and bravery in creating Story Sessions. Without this community I wouldn’t have this blog, and I wouldn’t have written a book.

And thank you for believing in me.