Synchronicity in Writing The Reluctant Missionary

 The State Capital building in Austin, Texas, just after a thunderstorm.

The State Capital building in Austin, Texas, just after a thunderstorm.

Today I'm over at Mundane Type, writing about all the small events that led to my first book.

I wrote my first book because of Twitter.

It all started in 2013. I had been setting up my photography business largely from my church coffee shop. One day in May, Paul, a friend there, suggested that I try WELD, a coworking space near downtown. “There are many great photographers there,” he said. “I think you’d really enjoy it.”

On my first day working there, I nervously rang the doorbell. For several weeks I had been reading about it online and was quite intimidated by all the successful freelancers there when I had almost no experience.  Sojung answered the door. I had been expecting someone else, and I fumbled for what to say. “Hi, I’m here for a day pass. It’s my first day.” I spoke in a rush. “Oh hi! It’s my first day too!” Sojung smiled and invited me in. I sat next to her and Hoyoung, her husband, that day, and for many days after that.

For years I had prayed for a photography mentor, someone who would tell me what I needed to work on and help me launch my business. But lately, after repeated inquiries in Dallas, I had given up my search. Hoyoung became my mentor, giving advice, sending me videos, critiquing my work, and letting me tag along to his shoots. When I felt defeated and had given up on asking for help, he inserted himself as my coach, bringing both instruction and encouragement and enabling me to be a confident wedding photographer. Meeting and sitting next to Sojung that day was a miracle.

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