The Saturday Bulletin, v. 2

First up is a long article about two sets of twins in Columbia who were mixed up at birth. All of thought that they were fraternal twins, but eventually they all got jobs in the capital and met through mutual friends. A fascinating read that brings up many interesting questions of nature vs. nurture, with a video of when two of the brothers met for the first time.

I remember when the Air France plane crashed off of Brazil in 2009. It took a long time to even find the wreckage, but finally they have pieced together what happened in the cockpit that day. The article is a fascinating look at what pilots really do now that there's so much automation in planes and how human error combined with mechanical failure can now be fatal because pilots don't have experience responding to minor problems.

I enjoyed William Langewiesche's investigative reporting so much that I went looking for other articles by him and found another plane crash investigation, in 2006 over Brazil. The author points out that this type of crash wouldn't have happened even twenty years ago because the instrumentation wasn't accurate enough for planes to have any chance of flying into each other.

And in heartwarming stories, a three-year-old in England called an ambulance after her pregnant mother fell down the stairs and hit her head. The parents had instructed her five-year-old brother on what to do over dinner. Emma remembered, giving her address over the phone to emergency services.

My book, The Reluctant Missionary: A Journey from Failure to Faith, a memoir about my time overseas as a missionary, releases on March 1st - less than a month! I'll be talking about that more than usual. I strongly believe in the message of this book and I hope it's encouraging to past, present, and future missionaries. Thanks to so many of you for your encouragement throughout this process!

Quote of the week:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Have a great weekend!