An Interview with Suzanne Terry for The Reluctant Missionary

It's been an amazing experience launching my first book! I'm so thankful for all of the positive reviews the book has received. It's also quite strange that it's out now after two years of writing and editing. The launch was last Tuesday, and on Wednesday I went backpacking for a few days in Big Bend with a friend to reflect on the experience (more to come on that soon).

Today I'm with Suzanne Terry for an interview about the book:

1. I can’t wait to dive in to your book! Tell us about The Reluctant Missionary.

The Reluctant Missionary: A Journey From Failure to Faith describes my journey from idealistic young missionary to depressed, cynical teacher who was just trying to make it through each week. I had unrealistic expectations for myself, my team, and my hosts. And I didn’t know what to do when those expectations weren’t met.

2. What sets your book apart from other books written about mission experiences?

I haven’t read a book about missions that addresses failure. But I wish I had before going overseas. I wrote the book so others in missions and Christian ministry will know that they’re not alone in worrying about failure and that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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