Croissant Taste Test

In 2013 some friends and I decided to have an informal croissant taste test. Well - I decided and got them all to do it for my birthday. I selected 8 conveniently located bakeries and grocery stores in Dallas:

Ascension Coffee, Central Market, Empire Baking Company, La Madeleine, Oak Lawn Coffee, Starbucks, Village Baking Company, and Whole Foods.

I came up with an impromptu, rather complicated rating system:

Village Baking Company was the overall winner with a final overall score of 8.25, on a scale of 1-9. Whole Foods came in second place with a score of 6.5. 

Village Baking Company won with its distinctive outer flakiness yet moist, flavorful interior. Whole Foods was evenly soft and tasty, yet less remarkable.

Notable failures were Starbucks, with a final score of 1 (dislike extremely); and Empire Baking Company, with a final score of 2 (dislike very much). Both were dry, which you could tell by looking at the Starbucks one. They also both had a noticeably chemical or peppery taste, Starbucks’ being more prominent. “Disgusting” might be the most descriptive word.

If you are looking for a tasty morning treat with your coffee or orange juice, VBC and Whole Foods are your best options. If neither of these are available, Central Market’s taste much better when you toast them - yet this is not always an option when you’re out and about.