As a new missionary, Miah was burdened with the expectation of living a perfect life so that others would come to know Christ. But after experiencing failure after failure, “success” became just getting out of bed. Devastated, Miah returned home believing she had disappointed God and her supporters. But God revealed that he is able to use failure as well as success to accomplish his good work.


"God doesn't need me to be perfect. He's ready to use who I am, right now, even my faults.”


In The Reluctant Missionary, Miah Oren explains:

  • Why she became a missionary
  • The unexpected challenges she met overseas
  • Her depression after returning home
  • How God redeemed her time as a missionary 

"God wanted me to be there, not as the perfect missionary I envisioned myself being, but as myself, with all my flaws and failures."


What people are saying:

"As someone fumbling through my first term overseas, I couldn't put Miah's book down. I related to so much of Miah's story, from humorous little cross-cultural experiences to the emotional journey of wading through the expectations of myself and others. We come from a culture that rates value by results, and this deeply affects our generation of missions work. Miah's story wrestles with this dynamic in a raw and personal way."

-Kacie Mann, Missionary in Indonesia


"As I read The Reluctant Missionary, I kept finding myself nodding “yes!” at the stories of different cultural challenges and experiences and the gamut of emotions experienced. Miah writes with authenticity and candor in a way that intimately connects you to the experience and emotional challenges of serving and living overseas. I would eagerly recommend this book to outgoing missionaries and to those serving overseas as a beautiful reminder that God doesn’t demand perfection and has incredible grace for our weaknesses."

- Carolyn Klejment-Lavin, Member Care Coordinator,
Footstool Missions Center


“Miah Oren offers a raw and intimate look at her overseas experience.  With her bold authenticity she invites you to wrestle with her through the idea of success versus failure in pleasing God.  Rarely do you find a story that gives such an up-close view to issues that like to stay hidden under the table, issues of blame, depression, significance, shame.  Oren takes you through her journey, ushering you towards the healing grace of Jesus.”

-Danielle Wheeler, Founder of Velvet Ashes


"For any missionary who has ever struggled with tripping around in a culture that is not their own, while trying not to offend, making new relationships, all the while trying to share Jesus, can appreciate this book.  You are not alone in your struggles and feelings.  If your time in a host country was short term, or feel God has you there for years to come, this well written book will encourage you as well as entertain you.  You will be able to relate, at some level, to the situations and feelings taking place here."

- Narah Meissner, former missionary in Mexico